Child Injuries

Expecting kids to sail through childhood without experiencing their share of falls, bumps, or skinned knees is unrealistic, and younger children tend to be especially accident-prone. When minor children experience a more serious or debilitating injury, however, many parents aren’t prepared for the short-term financial and emotional strain that such a situation can place on the entire family. There also may not be any way to reasonably anticipate how the injury might continue to affect children even after they reach adulthood.

What You Should Know About Child Injury Cases

Because accidents are so often regarded as “just part of being a kid”, parents may not realize that a lot of the injuries children experience could have been prevented or mitigated if others had not been negligent in some way. As a result, they may never realize they have a legal case that could lead to compensation for them or their child.

Personal injury cases generally share the same foundational claims regardless of whether the victim is an adult or a child, but there are also some critical differences that can present challenges for anyone who is not experienced in handling cases that specifically involve children.

Grounds for a Child Injury Case

On a fundamental level, child injury cases are similar to personal injury claims for adults in that they provide legal recourse for individuals who believe that the injuries they suffered occurred due to another person’s negligence. If they can demonstrate that an injury was preventable or would have been less severe if the defendant had adhered to certain legal obligations, then they can be awarded damages to compensate for losses incurred as a result of the injury.

There is some overlap in what kinds of injuries can be considered grounds for a successful case--particularly in motor vehicle accidents, since many child passengers are involved in accidents along with adult drivers. Other incidents more commonly involve children because they are comparatively more vulnerable to injury. Some of these incidents include:

Compensation for Child Injury

Compensation for child injury cases is not usually awarded in the same manner as it is in personal injury cases involving adults, due to the fact that life circumstances for adults and children differ in several important ways. 

Child Injury Cases in Texas

Laws concerning child injury cases vary from state to state. An effective attorney should have a solid understanding of how to handle child injury cases under Texas law.

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