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3 Easy Tips to Create a Successful GoFundMe after an Accident in 2021

Accidents are extremely costly in Texas. From the doctor visits to the pain medication they prescribe, officials have reported personal injury-related visits can average from $3,000 for the emergency room to $57,000 for hospitalization over the patient’s lifetime. I understand if you feel bad for the person who hurt you. Some victims don’t want to file a claim because they’re a friend or relative of the responsible party. If you fall under that category, we have an Ed-Drew-Cation that would make this read a lot shorter. However, you should be aware that crowdfunding is a popular fundraising alternative in 2021, and we can also provide you with some good, in-depth information on it here.

Crowdfunding is a way to cover expenses that might arise if you could not work after a personal injury accident in Texas. You can choose to fundraise on several digital platforms in the Lone Star State, including GoFundMe, Fundly, Givebutter, Bonfire, Snowball, 99 Pledges, and Indiegogo. Each platform has its pros and cons. Some charge a percentage for using their platform, as well as credit card and transaction processing fees. Other platforms offer pro or premium packages for more custom features. It is essential to research which platform is best for your situation. However, GoFundMe is the most popular platform and has built trust within the crowdfunding community.

1. Do I have to post a picture of my face after the accident?

The short answer: Photos of the victim’s face tend to get a better response.

A successful GoFundMe for medical bills after an accident should have clear pictures of the victim and their injuries. People like to know where their donation is going. Use bright, sharp pictures or use video to make an impactful first impression. Take a picture of your injuries, or maybe of the scene of the accident. Your title for your GoFundMe has to be descriptive and eye-catching. The more information you include regarding your story and struggle, the higher the chances of a stranger donating to your cause. Put yourself in their shoes. What would it take for you to donate your money to someone in need?

2. How do I get more people to see my GoFundMe?

The short answer: Make it go viral.

Where were you when you found your first GoFundMe? Most likely, you were scrolling through Facebook when you discovered this new crowdsourcing platform. Multiple people usually share a high-performing GoFundMe throughout numerous social media platforms. Try to share the link to your GoFundMe as much as possible. You could create a TikTok that describes your accident story and why you need help. TikTok has a space on their profile settings for links you want to share. Make that link visible in your biography. The goal is to put your accident in front of as many eyes as possible. Ask your friends personally to share the link on their channels too.

3. What do I do after someone donates to my GoFundMe?

The short answer: Show gratitude to every donor.

Whenever possible, thank your donors. Showing appreciation is one of the most important steps because it invites more people to donate. Also, you should be posting frequent updates of your progress in getting to your goal. Posting updates frequently increases the amount of exposure the link has. Posting your progress whenever you are getting closer to your goal also encourages others to help you get to that 100%.

Regardless, crowdsourcing can be a handful. Focusing on how you will pay medical bills will not help you recover. Crowdfunding after an accident is a long process, and there is no guarantee that you will reach your goal to cover medical expenses. Focusing on your well-being will help you recover. That is where Bivona Law Firm comes in. If you want a solution that will help you ease your pain instead of creating new problems, call Drew Bivona. Bivona Law firm is a personal injury law firm in Houston, Texas. We make healing after an accident easier by coordinating your medical treatments and dealing with the insurance companies. If you have been injured during an accident in Texas, set up a free consultation today.


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