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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Texas Personal Injury Attorney

A lot of people think they can deal with an insurance company on their own. The problem is that the insurance companies don’t represent you; they represent the company. Once you settle a claim, your chance to ask for more medical treatment is over. If you get into an accident and still feel the aftermath months later, you will have to pay out-of-pocket for the expenses related to your treatment. 

1. Insurance Companies Will Take Advantage Of You. 

Insurance companies do not want to pay for your treatment several months after the accident. If a victim of an accident settles without a personal injury lawyer, the victim will be losing out on rehabilitation services and compensation for pain and suffering. The insurance claims adjuster does not have your best interests at heart. 

An insurance claims adjuster evaluates personal injury claims and determines how much the insurance company should pay for the damages. The insurance adjuster’s objective is to settle the case as quickly and cheaply as possible. They interview you over the phone when you’re unprepared and record your statements, so they can find ways to pay as little as possible and close the case. Stop talking to the insurance company; call me. 

2. We Help You Seek Medical Treatment.

My bilingual legal team personally helps you seek medical treatment. There is no need to set up appointments through your regular healthcare network and wait weeks until you see your primary physician. We will find the best medical treatment that is closest to you and your job. We will also make sure you get the best treatment as soon as possible

All you have to do is focus on getting better and arriving at your appointments. When you receive more medical treatment to become whole again, this adds value to your case and ensures your quality of life is back to where it was before the accident. 

3. We Make Things Simple, That’s My Style.

Some personal injury lawyers will complicate things and try to force you into litigation; that’s not my style. I want to get your personal injury case resolved without filing a lawsuit. My job is to evaluate your case, create a personalized rehabilitation path, deal with the insurance companies and resolve your case. We will not complicate your life just to make more money from your injuries. We only simplify your life further by helping you find and schedule medical treatment as soon as possible.

4. They Know How Much Your Case Is REALLY Worth.

If you’re a victim of an accident in Texas, filing a claim without an attorney can cause you to lose thousands. Settling a claim directly with an adjuster is a dangerous idea only because a personal injury attorney would know the actual value of your case

Adjusters like to settle cases before the victims can acquire more medical treatment, so they are no longer responsible for it. Once you settle, you lose the ability to ask for more money to cover medical expenses. Say your headaches have worsened over time from a trucking accident that caused a TBI six months ago; since the victim settled, you are responsible for the fees for another CT scan. Trust me, that can get expensive. 

5. The Consultation IS Free & There Are No Fees Unless We Win!

Get honest advice from an experienced Houston, Texas, accident lawyer for free. It is free of charge when you come in for a consultation, and so is my representation, unless we win. We can either get you the compensation you deserve, or you can take a risk and settle with the insurance companies. If I were you, I would work with someone that is on your side.


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