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Unsafe working conditions can pose many risks to an employee’s health, safety, and well-being. If the proper precautions aren’t taken, workers are at risk of getting injured. It is important to know the red flags when it comes to working in a place that may present threats to your safety.

Here are 5 red flags that you should keep an eye out for at work:

  1. Equipment that is not maintained or working properly. If you work around heavy machinery, chances are there are regular inspections of the equipment in your workspace. If not, you may be at risk of getting injured. Construction sites, offshore drilling rigs, and other industrial companies should conduct regular inspections of all tools and equipment on a job site. When tools and machinery malfunction, it could lead to injury and even death. Always stay alert and aware of any inspections that are conducted on your job site. 
  1. Floors that have debris, water, or slippery substances. When floors are not kept clean and clear, it can create a hazard for workers and anyone that enters the facility. One of the largest contributors to injuries in the workplace includes slippery floors and cracked surfaces. If the company that you work for has not invested in a quality floor care maintenance team, make sure to wear appropriate shoes that will prevent slips and falls. 
  1. Blocked safety exits. If a disaster on your job site were to occur, it is critical to have a safety exit. If the safety exits are blocked by equipment, garbage, or just clutter, you are at risk of injury or death. These exits should be completely accessible during an emergency
  1. Outdated or no warning systems. Safety alarms and other warning equipment are extremely important to have on any job site. Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, outdoor warning systems, and audible signaling devices are all examples of safety alarms that should be implemented on job sites. Without these systems in place, there is no way to alert all workers of any disasters taking place. OSHA requires employee alarm systems under 29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). If your workplace does not have any of these systems in place, it could be in violation of this regulation.
  1. Unsanitary working conditions. Workplaces that are not cleaned properly are notorious for causing harm to employees and increasing the risk of illness or death. It’s possible that you could be breathing in hazardous chemicals and microfibers that will impact your health sooner or later. One example of this is asbestos. Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous silicate mineral that is harmful to one’s health when exposed to for long periods of time. If your job site is not cleaned regularly, you may be at risk. 

Safety in the workplace should not be taken lightly. It is vital for industrial companies to ensure that their employees are safe and comfortable on a daily basis.

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