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FAQ - Using Health Insurance After an Accident

5 things you should know before using your health insurance

Citizens of Texas often lack proper assistance in paying for their medical bills after an injury. If you or someone you know has recently gotten injured in an accident in Texas, you are most likely aware of the hefty medical bill you are bound to receive after a visit to the hospital or doctor’s office. Most people take one look at this bill and immediately decide to use health insurance to cover the cost because no one wants to be in medical debt. Sometimes, even if you use your health insurance, paying a deductible ranging anywhere from $500 to $3000 is the last thing a person wants to do after an injury. If you take a closer look at the typical outcome of using Texas health insurance after an accident that wasn’t your fault, you will find that the cons typically outweigh the pros. We created a short FAQ for Texans who are deciding if they should or should not use their health insurance to cover their medical bills.

1. Do I have to use my health insurance? 

No. There is no requirement that you use your health insurance after being injured in an accident. Sometimes it’s beneficial to use it, for example, when you are taken by ambulance to the ER or during an extended hospital stay. However, everyone’s plans are different. Some have high deductibles, high out-of-pocket requirements, or limited provider options. Bivona Law can help determine if you should continue to use your health insurance to cover treatment, or if other options are available.

2. Do I have to pay back my health insurance out of a settlement or judgment? 

Yes. A health insurance provider, whether a private plan (like Blue Cross Blue Shield), Medicare, or Medicaid, has a right to be reimbursed for any money they pay out to medical providers as the result of a 3rd party’s negligence. That means if your health insurance paid any medical bills on your behalf, they have a right to be repaid. Suppose you used your health insurance after an accident. In that case, Bivona Law could help determine the total amount that needs to be paid back to your health insurance, handle the paperwork, attempt to negotiate a reduction of a repayment amount, and handle payment once a case is resolved.

3. Can I still get treatment without health insurance?

Yes. There are hundreds of medical providers around Texas in all different types of specialties that will treat you without health insurance. These providers typically will send your bill directly to Bivona Law so that it can be forwarded to the appropriate auto insurance company when discussing settlement or used during litigation. Bivona Law can locate medical providers close to your home or office, help set up appointments, and get you the treatment you need without any upfront out-of-pocket expenses (that means no copay!).

4. Will health insurance cover medical bills in full?

Sometimes yes, but sometimes no. You might be thinking to yourself–then what is the point of having health insurance? Most health insurance companies have policies that only cover doctor visits and hospital stays, or they limit treatment to in-network facilities or require pre-approval. What they may not cover though–and what you probably do not think about right away–is ongoing treatment such as physical or occupational therapy. Bivona Law can help clear up the confusion and make sure you get the treatment you need without waiting on some insurance company to first say it’s ok.

5. Does health insurance cover non-medical bills?

Generally, no. Even after paying your medical bills and deductible, all of the other losses you have incurred are not covered. These costs can include wage losses (if you cannot physically go to work after the accident), over the counter medicine, special pillows and wraps, as well as other similar financial burdens. 

Regardless, take a moment to consider why should you be responsible for covering the many expenses related to your injury in the first place if an accident was not your fault? There comes a time when you have to consider other options regarding your next move after an accident. It is no secret that the health insurance in Texas is less than remarkable when it comes to meeting a policyholder’s basic needs–and when it comes to injuries, it is even worse. 

Here comes the good news, though: There is a way to get money after an accident instead of giving it. Bivona Law of Houston is the answer you have been looking for. Bivona Law will cover Texas auto accidents, work injuries, and even injuries on others’ property. Want a free consultation? Call 713-360-7596 today.


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