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[Houston], [TX] —On March 16th, Drew Bivona of Bivona Law filed suit against Prince and Princess Daycare in southwest Houston claiming negligence after the daycare’s staff allegedly allowed a 3-year-old boy to be sexually abused by another classmate while under their care in late February. The victim’s mother claims her son was abused in an environment of inadequate supervision, staffing, and policies. Bivona Law was hired by the victim’s mother to seek justice.

The victim’s mother was unaware of the grotesque incident until hours after picking her child up from daycare. She then realized that something was wrong and the child needed immediate medical attention. The victim was rushed to the ER where doctors found marks down his backside. After further examination, doctors confirmed the child was sodomized with the open end of a marker. According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, the daycare has been cited 48 times in the last five years, including one citation for inadequate supervision of children.

Drew Bivona of Bivona Law, who is representing the mother, stated, “Incidents like the one alleged should not happen to any child anywhere. When a parent drops their child off at daycare, they place their trust in that daycare. Here that trust was shattered.” He urged the public to hold their daycare to the highest standard, and to remember that both children and parents have legal options when daycares are negligent.

The mother of the victim spoke of the personal hardships the incident and its aftermath have created. “They stole his innocence and took away his confidence. Why is business still going on like someone’s 3 and 4-year-olds didn’t sexually abuse my child?” She noted that her child is continuing to have difficulty sleeping and eating.

Whether your child attends a private school or daycare, your child has rights. A daycare is supposed to keep your child safe. If they’re not providing a safe environment, we can hold them accountable for any injuries or any harm caused to your child. If you think your daycare has violated your child’s rights, please contact Bivona Law for a free consultation.


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