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Uber and Lyft are rideshare services that provide transportation in the form of a car or taxi. It is an American company founded in 2009 that operates in about 30 countries. Uber provides transportation for riders through their network of drivers, who can use their own car to give rides when they are not working other jobs. Lyft is an American ride-share company founded in 2012 that employs drivers who use their personal vehicles to transport customers. They operate in more than 300 cities and 20+ states across the United States. This influx of rideshare vehicles has led to an increase in accidents in Texas and the rest of America.

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business conducted a study on rideshares and the effects they have on our roads. They found that nearly 1,000 daily car accident deaths can be attributed to the increasing number of rideshare vehicles on the road. This article will focus on how Uber and Lyft can lead to personal injury lawsuits if there is a traffic accident, and what to do after a car wreck occurs while using these services in Houston, Texas.

In the event that you have been injured in a car wreck in Houston or Dallas, it is important to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. They will be able to provide guidance and assess the situation, especially when it comes to Uber and Lyft accidents. Uber and Lyft car wrecks are not your fault, so you shouldn’t have to pay for them. Talk to an experienced Houston Uber and Lyft accident attorney near you today to receive a free consultation.

  1. Get information from everyone involved in the accident. Even as a passenger, it’s critical to get pictures, driver’s licenses, and insurance info.
  2. Call the police to document the accident. Regardless of how minor it is, you need official documentation to help your case.
  3. Report the accident to Uber.  And don’t forget to save the trip receipt email!

But Wait … Does Uber or Lyft Compensate for Accidents in Texas?

Uber/Lyft’s insurance is secondary to the responsible party’s insurance. Uber/Lyft’s insurance could provide up to $1M in additional coverage, depending on the policy and the type of injuries. Uber has a mandatory insurance policy that covers victims of accidents that specifically occur whenever an Uber driver has the app open on their phone. You could be compensated up to $1 million dollars for injuries and financial losses whenever the Uber driver is deemed to be at fault for the accident or if the person who caused the accident is underinsured.

This is where Bivona Law can assist. We provide the following services to help manage a claim for you and provide treatment:

  • Send any necessary letters to preserve evidence to the at-fault party or parties, so they don’t conveniently “lose” evidence.
  • Interview witnesses and develop the evidence needed for your injury claim.
  • Collect police report(s) and other documents through information requests.
  • Prepare you for (and participate in) a recorded statement with the insurance company.
  • Assist in making sure your vehicle is repaired properly or that you receive fair market value for your vehicle in the event it is totaled in the car wreck.
  • Assist you in securing necessary medical treatment, whether you plan to use your own health insurance or if you prefer not to use it to avoid the co-pays, annual deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses.

Texas injury lawyers can be helpful when dealing with insurance companies and helping clients get what they deserve from their insurance benefits coverage. We also handle cases involving catastrophic injuries, such as brain damage, paralysis, wrongful death, and disfigurement in the state of Texas. Call Bivona Law of Houston, Texas today to get a free consultation in-person or virtually.

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